Welcome to the PokeMC Server Store!

Here you can find all package Options that you can buy for the PokeMC Astrellus Server.

Just select an Item from one of the categories and complete the Purchase, after a couple on Minutes your Purchase will be sent to your Inventory.

- Support the server growth and development!
Your contributions help PokeMC to grow and to expand. As we grow we can purchase better hardware, increase our bandwidth, tighten the security of our network, set up additional servers and much more. It also helps us to hire developers to create more custom plugins for us or to fix technical problems we encounter.

- Invest in a solid and well established community.
We have been running PokeMC since November 2013 and have experience with running multiple other servers since September 2010. Our staff are very experienced and our servers very well configured. Our foundations are rock solid, we won't disappear overnight with your money and the builds you worked so hard on.

All ranks sold are items, money and Pokemon based, so unfortunately our ranks are not accumulative.